christian creativity.

The definition of create is to bring something into existence. This is why the responsibility of being a creator is such an honor. We, like our creator, get to mirror the beginning of time and establish amazingly beautiful content. As creatives we have two responsibilities which are to be excellent and original.

The level of excellence that is in your work should show your faith. Creativity is an act of worship, so we should never create at a level that isn’t our best. We ought to put forth work that isn’t lazy and work that we feel best represents our creator. In the beginning God evaluated His creation THEN He called it good. Although we, nor our work, can ever be perfect because we aren’t God, we should practice that same discipline when it comes to what we create.

As Christians, our work should compete with any body of work not just other Christian work. We should set the standard, not follow it. We are plugged directly in the source of creativity yet we often create stuff that is lacking vitality. We have the unique opportunity to tell the only superhero story that actually happened. Why not do it in a unique, original way? God made us one of a kind so it is our duty to do the same. No one can create what you were put on this earth to create.

To neglect our creativity on any level is to neglect a God given attribute. In the same light, to not be a proper steward of our creativity is to disregard our identity as fearfully and wonderfully made creations, creating, for our Creator. We owe it to God, to use what He has given us to bring Him glory. We do this by creating the best content we can to show the world something they have never seen before.

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I have an article on this subject called “Manifesto of Christian Creativity.” If you would like to see it send me a reply and I will be glad to share it.

  2. This is beautiful. Very inspiring. God has recently opened my eyes to the power and importance of my creativity; this article puts things into even better focus. Thank you

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