lessons from my mentor.


In January 2016, I started my first semester of ministry school at Celebration College. During the summer of that year, I began using my time to learn and help the creative department at my church, Celebration Church. I was placed with the designer, Megan Burns, who was a senior designer on staff and a wizard with all things print. Little did I know that this pairing would change my life forever. I learned from her for six months. Later on, she felt her season on staff at Celebration was coming to a close and I ended up replacing her position on staff (What an absolute honor). Megan still remains to be one of the most influential people in my life and I learn so many lessons from her constantly so I decided to compile them into a post in hopes that it would also helps others.

  1. When working on a project, always ask for details and get things in writing
  2. Good design is considerate, consistent, has vision, and is in everything.
  3. Creative process- Vision, Brainstorming/Research, Conceptualizing, Revisions, Implementation/Execution
  4. Always ask questions
  5. Be inspired, don’t just plug and chug
  6. Always visually communicate the goal
  7. Main design elements- Color, Typography/Font, Layout + Composition, Supporting Visuals
  8. Ultimately, you can get through anything if it’s with the right people. It all comes down to leadership.
  9. Above all else, wait for the peace and voice of God

Below I’ve also attached pictures and links to three books that Megan bought me to help develop and prepare me. If you have an interest in growing as a leader and/or designer, you should check them out.


And to Megan if you’re reading this, thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me. I wouldn’t be the person, leader, or designer I am without you!

Kayla x

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