behind the design: shine 2018.

Shine and Awakening are the two biggest events we do at Celebration and this year I got the opportunity to design for Shine 2018. For this year’s Shine we have our pastor, Kerri Weems as well as a couple other well known speakers, Lisa Bevere and Andi Andrew.

I’ve been wanting to do a mixed media look for quite some time and previously pitched it but it never quite worked out until now.

If you know me at all you know I love Bethel Music, so it’s no surprise that the inspiration for this branding came from Kristine Dimarco’s album, Where His Light Was.


So I began drafting up colors, textures, and the overall look and feel of the branding. I created this moodboard in photoshop using images from various places like the wonderful Pinterest. All of the photos have a similar look being that they are artistic, conceptual, and bold.

Shine Moodboard

We later found out that theme for this year’s Shine was strong. We wanted to move away from flowers and super girly visuals and towards fierce, strong, diverse women. Understanding the strength that we’re offered in Christ helps us be strong.  We played around with different text effects and digital mixed media. We decided that it would be the best to physically create the mixed media and then take a picture of it and add digital accents.


First drafts


We ultimately tweaked and landed on one where the word “Strong” felt like the center of the piece. We also wanted to choose one where the picture of Kaylan Weems-Cox (Legacy… so cool) wasn’t overpowered by the textures. Once I added some digital doodles it was ready to go!


Kayla x

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