interview with junior hernandez.

Junior is a crazy good filmmaker. I’ve followed his work for a few years now. His posts constantly inspire me whether they consist of family, faith, or creativity. I asked Junior some questions and am really grateful that he was so down to answer them. You can read his responses below.

What is your creative process?

So my creative process is constantly changing. I try to be as organic and authentic as possible with each project I work on. The reason the process changes isn’t just to do something new for the sake of new but to tailor a vision specifically to the needs of the story I’m telling. So once I get familiar with a story I build out a course of action through a breakdown of the story….character-environment-backstory. Then we get into the struggle-felt need and then climax of the piece. When it comes to vision I build out a mood board based on tone/feel I want to accomplish then move into shot list/locations for the piece. One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to storytelling is to be a friend to whoever is sharing their story or whoever is acting out the story. Through comfort you achieve vulnerability and you succeed in authentic emotion every time.

How do you keep your work original yet continue to be inspired?

Originality comes from a desire within me to always innovate, especially within the church. It’s been passed down from Jared Hogan my first supervisor. It’s always been within me to create for the church in a way that competes and stands out within but also beyond the four of walls of the church. To be able to tell a story we’ve all heard thousands of times in a new fresh way inspires me to keep pushing for better. Also just practically, I travel and live life. We all need to be refreshed and rejuvenated. And I think it’s achieved by being close to how God is moving through lives in the church but also through experiences outside the church too.

Do you do freelance work? If so, what kind?

Yes, I do work with random corporate companies telling stories and creating vision videos that inspire their employees and clients.   But I’m also tapping back into more music video work. My freelance work isn’t anything too out there exciting because honestly the work I do at Elevation is what I know I was meant to do and I’m always inspired and fulfilled by it.

What’s it like working for Elevation Church?

It’s a real life dream and an absolute calling. God has truly blessed my wife and I with the best jobs in the world. I have an incredible team that has never been more unified than we are today. We’ve been in a pretty amazing season of telling some pretty powerful stories that we feel are innovative and are breathing new life into the world of testimonies. Our next realm of growth is narrative short films which I know we can accomplish but we need the reps as a team. But to be in a place where our leaders trust us to create amazing content that pushes the church forward and never settle is the absolute best feeling. The pace can be tough at times but they are seasons and as a team we are in a strong enough rhythm that we push through together and still love what we do and who we do it with at the end of it all.

Thank you so much Junior. I’m grateful for all the contributions you’ve made to the creative community. Keep pushing!  

Kayla x  

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