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Clayton is an amazing designer. He’s been someone I’ve been able to admire from a far for a while. He works on a creative team that I’m very fond of. Anytime he posts, I am challenged and stretched. I asked Clayton some questions and am really grateful that he was so down to answer them. You can read his responses below.

What’s your creative process?

To me it looks like creating space to let what’s deep inside me come to the surface. When I fill every ounce of my time with projects and a heavy workload I have no bandwidth to think, reflect and dream. A lot of what comes down the pipe as far as workload goes is obviously out of my control a lot of the time, so I’m really intentional to stick to schedules and routines to knock out the smaller, recurring tasks quickly and save my “creative juice” for bigger project. I also really try and mix up “where” I’m creating things. We work in the office at JC Monday-Friday, 9-5, but our team manager is incredible to let us explore off-site work locations throughout the week. I’ll hop over to a coffee shop, my house, a park, etc. I try to find places that shake up my rhythm. I never want to get too far into the rut of working from the same desk/environment day after day. I’ve learned it really stunts creativity.

How do you keep your work original yet continue to be inspired?

Follow what’s trending, but not too closely. When I first started designing I would honestly just copy others work that inspired me. That wasn’t a big deal when I was just designing for fun and it actually really helped me learn the practical sides of design. It pushed me to learn more about photoshop and other tools. Obviously the more my work was seen the less that method worked. Haha How do I stay inspired? I try new things. I force myself to create outside of my normal style. Sometimes I love it. A lot of the time I don’t. To me, it’s about taking risks, knowing that I’ll win some and lose some. I always find my best work in this process. I’ve created a lot of stuff I really hated, but the stuff I loved, I REALLY loved. If that makes sense? I also follow a lot of accounts on instagram that inspire me. I pull little things from designs I see from others and make them my own. I never recreate a full idea. I just take little pieces to enhance. Hopefully that makes sense? haha

Do you do freelance work? If so, what kind?

I do! Not a lot and I’m actually trying to reign it back, but I do random design projects here and there for a few churches and businesses.

What’s it like working for Jesus Culture?

It’s AMAZING. My wife and I moved to Sacramento almost a year ago to join the team here at Jesus Culture and it’s been one of the best seasons of my life. I’ve never worked with people that feel so much like family. It’s an extremely encouraging, empowering and celebrating culture here. I love it. I’ve learned so much working in this environment. Did you have any specific questions about the team here?

Thank you so much Clayton. Grateful for all you’ve contributed to the creative community. Keep pushing!

Kayla x

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