monthly inspo 3.

It’s that time again! Time for the not so monthly Inspo. Take a look at some of the things that have been inspiring me lately.

For the thing I heard, Work in Progress by Andy Mineo. I’ve been a fan of Andy since his name was C-lite. Over the years he has continued to evolve and has included us, his fans, into the process from Saturday Morning Cartunes to behind the scenes looks, and this album is no different.

This time, Andy did a podcast for a few of the singles explaining the heart behind them and why, for whatever reason they didn’t come out. After watching these podcast episodes I was left challenged, inspired, and introspective.

Once the actual project came out, I couldn’t wait and wasn’t sure how much better it could get. I was pleasantly surprised. I am so appreciative of an artist who is so careful, intentional, and vulnerable about their work. The artwork for it is beautiful, poetic, and honest. Adding layers to the songs within the album.

For the thing I watched, it’s old but good, Black panther. This movie is what I envision when I envision intentionality. I have been slow to watch new movies that come out now a days just because of life (school, work, etc.) but this is one that I constantly think about and watch.

Aside from the fact that I now have a new favorite super hero, Black Panther managed to create a superhero movie that depicted the culture and history of a people. Without realizing it, people entered very real conversations about race and privilege and heritage and pain.

Not to mention, the visuals, music, and costume design in the movie were out of this world. Even though marvel comes from a long history of comics and themes, and connecting narratives, I felt like I was watching an original story for the first time in a while and for Hollywood, I think that’s huge.

For the thing I read, Walking on Water by Madeleine l’Engle. I cannot speak highly enough of this book. It was in my post about books every creative should read. And if I could I would work it into everything, I would. I have pages of quotes that I’ve pulled from this book. It has shaped me and unlocked me like no other.

It speaks to the tension between faith and art. Secular and sacred. It was originally published in 1972 but yet has a way of transcending time because what she spoke about then can apply to the now.

A common theme within this month’s inspiration seemed to be “intentionality”. From letting people into the progress, to speaking to historical contexts, to speaking to over 40 year old tensions. All these things are so needed in creativity. If you get a chance, check out one or all of these things. They will leave you impacted.

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