Why I love the New Direction of Bethel Music

For years I’ve been a fan of Bethel Music. Ever since I heard the song “closer”. The group, label, and musicians have radically changed the way I worship. More recently, Bethel Music artists have been putting out individual projects and I’ve been so intrigued to see the direction they’ve headed. I was expecting the same worship sounding songs only on albums filled with only one artist. But instead we got songs that could easily fill radio stations, the backgrounds of movies or tv shows, and inspire great moves of creativity.

So why do I love it so much? Bethel Music is giving a new sound to worship. When I think of worship, I think of slow songs filled with piano notes and ambient guitar licks. Now there is nothing wrong with that style of worship. I find myself going to it daily. However, I think the sound that is being presented is challenging what worship sounds like. Worship is defined as reverence and adoration. Who is to say what that has to sound like?

Bethel Music is becoming a part of the conversation. While they are already a very established and excellent label and group of musicians, I think with this new style of music they are allowing themselves to enter new rooms and conversations. Not just the worship room or the worship category on award shows but contemporary Christian spheres or even pop, alternative, and country spheres.

I am very passionate about being a voice in the conversation about faith and art. What is secular art? What is Christian art? If we who follow God produce things to glorify Him then shouldn’t they exemplify more beauty than that which serves evil?

See these videos below at the time stamps listed in the caption. I think it speaks volumes that someone who is new to the faith, comes in and perfectly articulates the state of Christian art.

15:20-16:06, 21:36-23:36

Ultimately, I believe it to be incredibly important to make art that transcends time. Art that touches the spiritual realm and I personally believe Bethel Music to be doing that. I’m incredibly thankful for their voices, not only in the music sphere but also spear heading things creatively with designs and visuals. Shout out to one of their designers, Stephen James Hart, who is an insanely talented creative. Bethel Music, thank you for all you do.

Kayla x

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