the creative beauty of risk.

I love going to art museums. I have two in my city where I live and I’ve been to both more times than I can count. I love them because of the art of course. It’s beautiful and inspiring. I also love them because when most people go to museums, more specifically contemporary ones, what is the main thing they say? “I could’ve done that” or “I could’ve made that” And the beauty in it is that you didn’t. Either you didn’t think about it or you didn’t step out and do it. Thus we have the creative beauty of risk.

A lot of the reason the church creates after the world is not because the church can’t but because the church won’t risk. You may have an idea and think “aww we would never be able to pull that off”. Then a Beyoncé or a Kanye West comes around and does it and you instantly see that it can be done. But you didn’t have the risk factor to be the first one.

Prime examples surprise album releases. No promotion, no heads up, just one day “go get my album it’s out now.” Beyonce did it and now everyone does it.

Another example that happened more recently. The rounded rectangle shape Kanye used on his Jesus is King album. This shape was used by almost every church across the world in 2020 for Easter. I’m even guilty of it.

But there is no reason we shouldn’t be reaching our full potential simply because we are afraid of the cost. Creativity requires two things: risk and trust. Trust is one that I will get to in a later post.

But without those two things, I truly believe it stunts creativity. In order to reach our fullest potential we must run after it with ruthless abandon. Forgetting everything they said you couldn’t do and remembering who’s you are and who called you. If you want to reach the highest heights and the deepest depths, you have to be willing to risk.

Remember, the reward is in the risk.

Kayla x

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