There is no creativity without trust

Lately I’ve been thinking about creativity and what it takes to go to the next level. Why some projects feel blocked and some feel like they have free rein to flourish. That question has always led me back to one thing, trust.

Now I want to put a disclaimer that this is my observation on the process and community as a whole. There is no shade being thrown to anyone I have worked with or am currently working with.

With that being said, I think one of the biggest things that can stunt creativity is a lack of trust. Whether that be a lack of trust in yourself, a lack of trust in who you’re working with, or a lack of trust in what you’re working on.

Trust removes striving. A need to prove. And it allows there to be vulnerability and transparency which on some levels is also needed in creativity.

Think about when you’re dancing with someone. When you trust that person and let them lead it’s a smooth dance but when you don’t trust the other person and there is a constant battle for ownership or conflict in opinions, etc. The dance is going to look like two people who don’t want to or don’t know how to dance together. I believe the same thing goes for creativity.

When you’re in a creative meeting and two people are fighting to be heard and for all their opinions to shine through it looks like just that. But when a team has sat together, developed trust, and risked together, it brings forth something no big budget can buy, true creativity.

Creativity beckons to the deepest parts of ourselves. It calls for the childlike, the vulnerable, the giving, the patient, and the understanding. Most importantly it calls to who we really are. Image bearers.

How can I tap into the spirit of God that births the God given characteristics within me when I can’t get along with my brother or sister. When I can’t trust them. When they don’t trust me. When I don’t believe or agree with the work. When I even doubt who I am.

All this to say, I think creativity CAN exist when those things are present but NOT at its full potential.

I’ve made some of the most creative stuff when people have said go for it, when I’ve said I can do this, and when I’ve worked with people who we’ve done the work to foster a strong relationship.

I’ll leave you with this challenge. Next time you work on a creative project from the ground up. Before moodboards, before color palettes, before storyboards, before voice memos filled with melodies. Work to build trust. In yourself, in your work, and in those you’re working with.

Kayla x

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