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Over the last year or so, myself and a small team have been working to build an organization.

It’s called AWKNG and the goal is to claim back the three areas of academics, media, and mental health for the kingdom. We launched one of our initiatives called AWKNG TV. It’s basically a Christian TV network/streaming service that aims to create content you don’t have to feel guilty about watching but also isn’t cheesy.

I’ve done a lot of the show branding for this initiative and thought I would share the creative process on it. This is the process for one of our shows entitled, “That’s Not A Problem”. It’s a show for women (or really feminist men) that encourages and empowers us that the things about us are not problems. Rather they have been given to us by God.


The first stage of the process was research. This show came about pretty early in the infancy of AWKNG TV so that means I had no experience when it came to show branding. Series branding for churches is similar but still not the same. I spent a good bit of time looking at things that already existed. I went to Hillsong Channel because I know they were birthed out of a church. I went to YouTube to look at Thumbnails because I believe some of that framework and process still applies. I also went to Hulu, Netflix, and film to see what the industry had to offer.


After I researched and familiarized myself with the arena I would soon be involved in, I received some direction from my oversight at the time. She was acting as an Executive Producer and Art Director. She has now moved fully in the Executive Producer role. I was given some images with a mixed media vibe and knew that was the route to take.


Once I had a clear direction and understanding about what I was doing, I moved into the drafts phase. I initially gathered inspiration from those images but I took a pretty bold turn with the images. They were more on the editorial and model side. After sending them back, we wanted to presence the host of the show more with her being in the forefront.


After one more small tweak to the photo that we used of the host and a final choice as far as the text layout, we arrived at this final version. Loving the way it came out. We also implemented the overall brand and look into thumbnail graphics for each episode.

If you want to learn more about who we are or what we do, please visit our links below.

FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok: @AWKNG.TV

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